Monday, March 12, 2012

Update 3/5-3/11

Monday 3/5: C25K W2D3 Completed W3D2
Tuesday 3/6: C25K W3D2 Not completed, Rest
Wednesday 3/7: C25K W3D3 Completed W3D3
Thursday 3/8: 45-60 minute walk Completed W4D1
Friday 3/9: C25K W4D1 Not completed, rest
Saturday 3/10: Yoga and 45-60 minute walk Completed W4D1
Sunday 3/11: C25K W4D2 Not completed, Rest

1. No alcohol Monday-Friday Mostly accomplish. Did have 1 glass of wine on Thursday.
2. Track all food and drink Accomplished until Saturday night.
3. Walk Johnny 30 minutes 5x/week Fail, because I am a terrible pet owner. We walked 3 or 4 times for 10-15 minutes. Not enough.
4. Lose 2lbs Fail. Gained 2.6 lbs.

- I skipped redoing any C25K workouts and skipped straight back into W3 without too much of a problem. I forgot to set the incline on the treadmill on Monday, making it feel too easy.
- My W4D1 run was outside in my neighborhood with Kate. It was pretty slow, but very enjoyable. The hills were killer.
- I stuck to the diet all during the week, and had actually lost 2 lbs by Thursday.

- No yoga at all.
- Definitely not walking my dog enough.
- Weight gain. The issue here is that I saved all of my extra points during the week and binged this weekend. I'm sure that's what lead to the weight gain, even though the points were technically budgeted. I also think that digestion played an issue this weekend. I didn't drink any alcohol and ate mostly whole foods for the first few days, and then drank lots of beer, wine, and even some whiskey this weekend, and my stomach rebelled. Rethinking the weekend strategy for this week.

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