Hello world! My name is Jen! Atlanta Miles is a place for me to post my training plans, my progress, my stumbling blocks, and everything in between.  I like to cook, so I may throw a few recipes on here with some photos, but this won't one of those blogs where I post everything I eat.  I love those blogs, but I can't commit to that.  Sorry, folks.  There are several ladies on my blogroll that do though, and I encourage you to check them out.

PR times:
  • 5k - 37 min 33 sec
  • 10k - 1 hr 22 min xx sec
  • Half Marathon - xx hr xx min xx sec
  • Marathon - xx hr xx min xx sec
I have a second blog dedicated to book reviews, writing, and raising money for a good cause. Check it out at jencanread.wordpress.com.

If you have any concerns, questions, comments, thoughts, or meditations, please feel free to email me at jencanread@gmail.com.

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