Wednesday, March 28, 2012

More Notes on Last Week

Last week was a pretty rocking success. I lost most of the weight I had gained over the last two weeks. I stuck pretty faithfully with WW, and only really stopped tracking on Saturday. I had a birthday party for a 4 year old, and there was a lot of BBQ type foods there to try. I ate a small serving of everything, but didn't graze just because it was there. That's a big problem for me, grazing because I'm bored. I've started to overcome my portion size problems, but I realize when I'm home watching TV, or hanging out, especially if I'm alone, I start to think about food, even if I know I'm not hungry. It's really helped me to drink a glass of water and take 20 minutes. If I'm still "hungry" then I'll eat, but about half the time, I feel better.

Anyway, again, this is a difficult road because I've never really denied myself food before. It's not a punishment (or a reward). It's tasty nourishment, and I have to stop thinking about it like it's something more.

Last week I had even more success with C25K. I was able to run 20 minutes straight on Saturday morning, and even improved my pace! I felt pretty great. Spoilers - this week is even better!

I don't have a lot to report other than I'm happy with my successes. I'll cover this in another update, but this week I've improved my running pace even more AND dropped another 2 lbs and it's only Wednesday. I'm exhausted, and gave myself  a much needed rest day yesterday, but otherwise I just feel pretty great. Healthy. Pretty. I like it.

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