Monday, March 5, 2012

PLAN: 3/5-3/11

Monday 3/5: C25K W2D3
Tuesday 3/6: C25K W3D2
Wednesday 3/7: C25K W3D3
Thursday 3/8: 45-60 minute walk
Friday 3/9: C25K W4D1
Saturday 3/10: Yoga and 45-60 minute walk
Sunday 3/11: C25K W4D2

1. No alcohol Monday-Friday
2. Track all food and drink
3. Walk Johnny 30 minutes 5x/week
4. Lose 2lbs

It's a pretty intense schedule, but I took some time off last week and need to build up my running intervals quickly to stay motivated. My friend, Jenn, told me about a free boot camp at Stone Mountain that I may try on Saturday instead of yoga. We'll see. Pretty excited to get back on schedule though.

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