Monday, February 27, 2012

Update: 2/19-2/26

Sunday 2/19: Walk 30-60 mins or 3 miles, Rest if it rains Rest
Monday 2/20: C25K W2D1 Complete
Tuesday 2/21: Yoga Complete
Wednesday 2/22: Walk 30-45 mins or 2.5 miles C25K W2D2 Complete
Thursday 2/23: C25K W2D2 Walk
Friday 2/24: Walk 30-60 mins or 3 miles, or rest if needed Rest
Saturday 2/25: C25K W2D3 Rest
Sunday 2/26: Not scheduled - C25K W2D3 Complete

1. Complete all C25K workouts Achieved
2. Complete at least two add'l workouts Achieved, Yoga and Walk
3. Track all food and drink Achieved
4. Stay within WW allowance Failed
5. Lose 1 lb Failed, gained 2.8 lbs

Total Miles: 7.76
Total Fitness Minutes: 206

So, firstly, I've decided to do updates on Mondays since that is my WW weigh in day. Secondly, I'm pretty proud of the numbers I put up this week considering how busy and stressed I've been. I can feel my body trying to make changes, too.

I'm sad to say I know exactly where I went off track this week. Wine and beer. I have this terrible, terrible habit of drinking a glass of wine or a beer while I cook, and then another while a eat. ...And then possibly another when Eric and I sit and watch TV before bed. I associate cooking with wine, and I always have. Unless it's taco night, and then it's a refreshing beer. It needs to stop. It's far too much alcohol for me anyway, but it's definitely throwing off my game. So this realization will be incorporated into my goals for this week. More on that in my next post.

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