Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Tuesday Doldrums to Wednesday...Opposite of Doldrums

I'm horrible at writing fun titles, so please forgive me.

I biked again yesterday, 4.3 miles in 30 minutes (8.6 mph so a slight improvement) - I wish I ran that fast.

My right knee bothered me a bit at first, and then my left, but after about 8 or 9 minutes the pain/soreness faded. I'm taking that as a good sign, and BONUS - my knee isn't sore today! I don't want to push my luck though, so I'll be taking the night off. Probably. The weather is supposed to be gorgeous this afternoon so if I get home in time, I may go for a long walk with J-dog.

I'm excited to be a little active again, even if I'm not training for a race or beating my PRs. It's hard though. So many bloggers and friends have started their training for spring races, and the weather is perfect for outdoor runs right now, but I'm stuck inside. I'll take the blame though. I didn't do any cross training last year, and then I bailed on my HEP when my PT and insurance got wonky. If I'd stuck with it, I'd probably be in better shape right now.

So for the moment, I'll keep on keepin' on, and hopefully I'll be back on the road soon enough.

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