Friday, February 8, 2013


Firstly, here's an adorable photo of my dog, Johnny. Johnny is an awesome 5 1/2 year old mutt, probably part lab and part doberman. He's funny and sweet and lovable and a little bit fat (although you can't tell from this photo because I'm a semi-professional and I'm great with angles!).
So imagine my surprise today when I'm scooping his food and find this:
The universe has a sense of humor and it's trying to tell me something.

My dog's food bag was like a big ol' box of cereal and this was the prize at the bottom. Although, strangely, nowhere on the packaging does it mention that there's a pedometer tucked away in the kibbles and bits. It just sort of appeared. Very strange, but I'll take it. I'm cheap that way.

While the Northeast is bracing for another "storm of the century", Atlanta's afternoon weather is partly cloudy with a high of 56, so I think J-dog and I will be trying out our new "toy"!

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