Monday, June 11, 2012

W3 Recap Wrap Up

Days 1-3 (Run, Rest, Rest)
Day 4 (Run)

Day 5: The schedule called for a walk, but I had theater plans with a friend, so took a rest day. Again with the cross-training failure.

Day 6: The schedule called for 3.5 miles. I should get this out of the way - I've been putting off writing this recap because I felt so defeated on Saturday. I failed to run 3.5 miles, and while there were several factors that lead to the failure (heat being a major one), mostly it was just my poor planning and preparation.  I've been trying very hard to take my long runs seriously, but I just let it all go Friday night. Kristy and I had tickets to see Illyria at Georgia Shakespeare. We picnic'd beforehand, and shared a bottle of wine between the two of us. Dinner was light and delicious, but we definitely got tipsy.

I guess I should add a side note here that I've been involved with GA Shakes for almost a decade now in some capacity. I started volunteering in the front of house when I was 18, and worked there as an employee for several summers, even after college. Once I moved into the corporate world, I still came back to volunteer and see the shows, and in 2008 or 2009 I began taking photos for their publicity and archives. For as long as I've been associated with them, GA Shakes was always home to me, with familiar faces, stories, and routines. But for varying reasons, many of the folks who have been with the company for ages have moved on, and it felt strange and sad on Friday. The company itself is still a wonderful creative haven for theater folks, and the new people are definitely as passionate and invested in the theater as anyone who came before them. But on a personal level, I felt out of place, old, and sad. Georgia Shakespeare continues to revitalize old classics, and bring some of the greatest plays to the masses in fun and innovative ways - but it's not my home anymore.

So Kristy and I decided to drown my sorrows out at a bar. First we stopped by a new place called Blind Dog Pub. We walked in, took one look around, and walked right back out. It was far too bright, the layout was very confusing, and there was absolutely nothing inviting about the place. We decided to try our old stomping ground, Pub 71. There were two seats at the bar, the crowd was pretty mild, and the bartenders recognized us and brought us our favorite beers immediately. Everything felt right. We even ran into one of Eric's old roommates, and belted out some Backstreet Boys with him and his friend.

...We stayed out until 1:00 a.m. On a normal night, I would say I didn't drink too much. I certainly didn't get drunk. But because I was running the next day, I should have stuck with water. I know that now, but I was just so sad on Friday, and I wanted so badly to feel...I don't know, something?  A recognition of how life used to be? I always say I hate change. If I was in Game of Thrones, that would be my House motto. And it's so bizarre to stay in the same place and watch everything around you change. I have lived within the same 5 mile radius of Oglethorpe for the last 10 years, and yet very little is recognizable. So Friday I was sad, and that funk carried over to Saturday. Saturday I slept in until 10:30 (which is pretty late for me), and by then temps were already rising. I decided to wait until sunset to run, when temps start to dip. I cleaned, drank some water, and eventually joined Kristy down at the pool.

That's right. Already dehydrated from alcohol consumption the night before, I thought it would be a good idea to bake in the sun for an hour and a half. During that time I drank maybe a cup of water? Maybe two? Around 5:00 I decided it was the perfect time for a run. Because I am dumb. So I gulped a few more drops of water, readied for a run, and started out. And it was awful. I was out of breath almost immediately. Well, here's the DailyMile recap:

So yeah. That blew.

Day 7: Yoga. Which I didn't do. I was going to try the 3.5 mile run again, but my knee was not having it. So I'll have to try tonight. Everything I read about training says you can miss most other workouts, but not the long run. So...yeah. I'm drinking tons of water and plan to bring my CamelBak with me tonight. May seem silly for such a short run, but I'd rather be silly and finish it than be too proud and fail. Again.

Yeah, I'm still in a funk.

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