Monday, June 4, 2012

W2D4 & Misc

(This was written on Thursday, 5/31)

Okay. So I'm sore today. That doesn't prove anything. Except, like I said, my workout yesterday was pretty swell, even though it wasn't what I was looking for.

So today called for a 2 mile run which made me happy because I haven't run since Monday. I decided to risk it and use only RunKeeper to track my time. While it was a huge ego boost - it miscalculated my time. It said I averaged 10:55/mile, which is a load of horse phooey. In reality, it was closer to 12:01/mile, which is still pretty fast for me. I ran 5:1 intervals, running:walking. It seemed to work out pretty well, and I'm sure if RunKeeper HAD been working, it would show I had a negative split, since I didn't take my last walking interval.

So that's that. Tomorrow the schedule calls for a 2.5 mile walk, but I may take a rest day since I also have a time crunch tomorrow evening. We'll see.


Eric and I have a friend who used to live across the hall from us. We'll call him...Morty. So Morty is a personal trainer, and he was coming over tonight to play COD with Eric, so Eric decided to bring up all of my fitness and weight loss goals with him.

Now, the biggest thing I've realized about myself and my goals over the last 5 months is that weight loss isn't actually that important to me. Do I want to be fit? Sure, who doesn't? But the number on the scale, and the shape I see in the mirror? They don't bug me so much. I like running. I LOVE the runner's high. I don't get to enjoy it too often or for long amounts of time because I'm not really at that level. But I realized yesterday, talking to the LA Fitness PT, and talking to Morty today, that my biggest goal is finishing the half marathon. I could weight 120 lbs and have 15% body fat, but not crossing that finish line would still make me feel like a failure.

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