Thursday, June 7, 2012

W3 D1-3 Recap and Photos!

W3D1: Run 2.5 miles

When Eric and I first started dating, we tried running together, but I could not do it. It was awful. We lived in a supremely hilly area, and Eric liked to start the runs immediately with the biggest hill in the neighborhood.

Then we tried hiking together, but I wasn't very pleasant. I'm not sure if you're aware, but Georgia is frickin' hot in the summer time, and trying to hike 5 miles around Stone Mountain with nothing but a bag of Cheerios and a bottle of water is a bad idea. For me.

Once we moved into our apartment complex, Eric came with me to the gym once. The treadmill restarted and lost all of my data, and my headphones would not stay in my ears, and I kind of had a mini-meltdown. It had more to do with my self-esteem (being overweight and not being able to run a mile was embarrassing) than the actual workout, but Eric gave up. He said he wouldn't try to work out with me anymore because I'm crazy and mean. Well, he didn't use those exact words. In fact, he was much nicer, and said something about me doing this for myself, blah blah blah, one day I'll reach my goal, blah. But I can translate.

Then I started up with C25K again (for the ::mumblemumble::teenth time) and I forced myself to appreciate every run, and take pride in any progress. I forced myself to be positive. Then I forced Eric to join me. In the last 5 months, he's run with me once, I think. So Monday, I made him do it again. We ran 1.25 miles out an back for the 2.5 mile total. Eric did really well, and he almost beat me home, but his knee started to bother him about .25 mile away from the apartment. I had set up RunKeeper to do 6 min run/90 second walk intervals. Eric ran the intervals as well, but he would run pretty far ahead of me. As I stopped for my walking breaks I'd have to gasp for air and then yell out down the sidewalk for him to stop. We'd catch up with each other, and it would be time to run again. It worked out pretty well. I didn't listen to music, and I didn't really have company since Eric would take off, but my timing was still good (for me).

 Check out that pace! Pretty speedy.

I had taken an Ibuprofen before the run to head off any knee inflammation, and it worked for a few hours. But later in the evening I started to get a sort of sharp, sort of sore pain, and asked Eric to try to massage it away. I kept moving his hand higher and higher, trying to find the source of the pain, and finally he was all "Nope. Now you foam roll. That's what it's for." Because he hates me and thinks I killed his cat or something.

Seriously. FOAM ROLLING IS THE WORST. It doesn't hurt so good. It just hurts! Like some is knuckle punching you repeatedly in a bruise. But I did it. I don't know if it helped, but it didn't make it any worse. It's cool. I'm going to shave Eric's eye brows off in retribution. Just you wait.

W3D2: Yoga

I did not go to yoga on Tuesday, as I agreed to take photos for Georgia Shakespeare. I did end up taking a few photos at home first, to test out my new memory card.

Illyria 002
Eric looks pensive, but he's really just trying to beat someone in Mass Effect 3.

Illyria 003
Johnny Dog! He's happy to see you!

Illyria 004
But he is shy.
Illyria 005
But not too shy!
W3D3: Walk 2m

Yeah. I ended up going out and playing trivia instead. I've got the running down, but this cross training business kind of bores me.

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