Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Yoga Breakthrough!

Just a quick update for now, and I'll post a total rundown on Sunday.

I walked/ran the 4 miles I was supposed to on Monday.  Did it on a treadmill in 1 hr 56 sec.  Not fast by any means, but I did it!

My legs were SORE yesterday.  Luckily, Tuesdays happen to be the days when Eric's aunt teaches yoga at my gym!  You know how sometimes you have a good class, and you leave feeling like you really treated your body well?  And sometimes you have a freaking phenomenally fantastic class because you leave knowing the were finally able to touch your toes for a majority of the class, and you were really able to get deep into the poses, and your mind and body are just elated, and you just can't stop smiling?  That was yesterday's class for me.  I was on cloud nine for the rest of the night.

The schedule calls for a two mile run tonight, but Eric's family is hosting a lovely little dinner party, so the rest of my week is getting pushed back a day.  Two mile run tomorrow, three mile run Friday, rest (and party!) Satuday, and four mile run on Sunday.

Well, I'm debating the four mile run.  On the one hand, I don't want to burn out doing two, three and four three days in a row.  But on the other hand, Saturday night is my birthday party, and I can't imagine any part of me will want to go to the gym on Sunday.  Any advice?

Also, yes, a birthday, year in review, something type post will be up by Monday.  Something far more positive than my last post about my birthday.

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