Friday, August 5, 2011

2 miles

I "ran" two miles yesterday.  Came in at 28:39.  I beat Monday's avg page by almost a minute, but I suppose that's easy to do when the distance is halved.

The schedule calls for a 3 mile run tonight and a 4 mile run this weekend.  I've been struggling to decide which day to do the 4 miles since it's my birthday weekend and I have tons of plans, so I've decided to scrap the 3 mile tonight and just go for 4.  The longer "runs" are the most important anyway.  I'm hoping to come in at about 56 minutes, which would give me a 14 min/mile pace, but would include my warm up and warm down.

This is really hard, you guys.  I know it's supposed to be, but it's much hard mentally and emotionally than I thought it would be.  I feel like an imposter.  I'm not a runner, not even close, and I signed up for a half marathon??  When I can't even run a 5k all the way through?  I'm nuts. 

I'm grateful for any encouragement, and am especially appreciative of the kind words from my fellow newbie runners.  Like I said, I didn't expect this to be easy,  Very tough.  Especially on my ego.  :)

How did you stay motivated for your first big race?

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