Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yesterday was my 27th birthday.  I turned 27.  I'm saying that I am now 27 years old.

27.  Look, I know it's not 30, but 27 seems like...a grown up age, probably more so now that I know so many people getting married, making babies, progressing in their careers, etc.

I have a history with 27.  I've dated 27 year old boys who thought they were men.  It's a year to reflect, I guess, and usually that ended badly for me.  But that's okay.  I get it now.

So reflecting on the last year.  Let's see.
  • My baby cousin had a precious baby of her own, who's photos I fawn over for hours.
  • I interviewed with half a dozen companies, and applied for hundreds more.
  • I celebrated my second Christmas with Eric and his amazing family.
  • I handled my own family situations with as much grace and levelheadedness as I could muster.
  • I moved in with a boy!  On purpose!
  • I purchased myself a new camera.
  • I booked several engagement sessions and TWO actual weddings for the year!
  • I purchased real, honest-to-Gawd running shoes.
  • I ran two 5ks and registered for a half marathon.
  • I accepted an offer as a marketing coordinator, and am finally leaving the legal field for good.
This year had a lot of emotional lows for me.  It was a struggle to stay positive in an environment in which I felt I was floundering, day in and day out.  But looking back, I also accomplished a lot, and propelled myself forward.  And I didn't do it alone.  Not by a long shot.

So my deepest and most heart felt thanks to:

My housewife


My muse


My band of brothers (and sisters)


My fellow adventure seekers


Without these folks (sadly, not all pictured), I would not have survived myself this last year.

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