Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Progress: 5.24.2011

Alright.  I posted my plan for the week yesterday, so how did I do?
Monday: Run 3 mi Run 1.4 mi
Tuesday: Yoga
Wednesday: Run 3 mi (some fartleks)
Thursday: Rest (leaving for the mountains after work)
Friday: Hike or Rest
Saturday: Hike, Yoga or Rest
Sunday: Hika, Yoga or Rest

Oooooh, not awesome.  Yeah.  I didn't even run half the distance I was supposed to.  I warmed up for 5 minutes, and then started running at a 5 mph (12 minute mile) paceAfter 10 minutes, I decided to sprint the last little leg of the mile, but that was a terrible idea.  I could only hold that pace for about 45 seconds, and had to slow down to a walk.  I walked for about 5 minutes trying to catch my breath, but it just didn't happen.  I'm pretty happy with my 12 minute pace, so next time I'm going to just try that for the length of my run.

Speaking of my next run, I think I might try to hit the treadmill after yoga tonight.  I don't know how realistic that is, because I always feel so calm and ready to relax after yoga, but I really need to get my mileage up for the week.  Can't be petering out just because I'm tired.

In other news!  After the 5k next weekend, I'm planning to start throwing in some strength training.  I've been reading all over the internet about The New Rules of Lifting for Women, so I hopped on Amazon.com last night and ordered it with my AmEx points.  I'm nervous and excited because - well I'm super weak.  Depending on my schedule and the move, I may not start the strength training until after we get into our new apartment.  Eric isn't a member of my gym, but we will be able to use the one at our new place.  You see, I've enlisted him to help me as I'm starting out, since I have no idea how to keep track of my proper form, being the bookish slug that I am.

But for now, cardio and yoga is all you get from me, fair reader.  I'll check back in tomorrow with an update.  Until then, here's a cute photo, because photos make blogs more interesting.  :)

Aren't ittybittylittle piglets the most adorable thing ever?

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